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What should I bring?
Please bring your photo id, insurance card(s), and all of your medications, including the bottles, to every appointment.

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Your First Visit / Examination

Your First Visit / ExaminationThank you for choosing Oakland Family Practice for your health care needs. During your first visit, you will meet our staff, complete a few brief forms and, of course, meet your doctor. As your physicians, we will try to solve your current medical problem and detect or prevent other health problems.

We hope to make the first visit not just an opportunity to deal with any medical concerns you may have but also a time to get acquainted with you.



Entering the Office for the First Time

Your First Visit / ExaminationWhen you enter the office, you will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire by a staff member, and he or she will measure your weight, blood pressure and take your temperature. Your physician will review the health questionnaire with you. Depending on your medical problem, you may be asked to undress and put on a gown in the privacy of the exam room. This enables the doctor to better evaluate your health. After the examination, your physician will suggest a treatment plan and future visits, if necessary.

We are confident that after your first visit you will feel great knowing that you made a wise decision by choosing Oakland Family Practice & Urgent Care.